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Post Processing Technique No. 4

From Crummy to Creative

This post-processing technique demonstrates how to take an ordinary photo from crummy to creative using Lightroom and Photoshop. Photography is all about lighting and often times, color. Both can be enhanced in Lightroom and Photoshop to create a more pleasing and dynamic image. If you haven't tried working with the Graduated Filters in Lightroom (see LR screenshot), I encourage you to do so.

Here are the comparisons:

Original Camera Raw File
Original File

Lightroom FIle

Final Processed File
Final Post Processed Image


I hope that the PSD File will give you some ideas and insights that you can use on your own photographs. Unfortunately due to time, I am unable to provide further instruction on this technique but you will find NOTES within the PSD file that will supply a bit more info.

How to explore PSD file:

1). Download the PSD File
2). Open it in Adobe Photoshop
3). Turn off all layers except for "Background"
4). Turn on each layer from bottom to top - click on the layer to see the tool used and it's specific attributes
5). See NOTES for specifics on a step; they will provide information as well as URL's to download other software or tutorials.

Here is the PSD File to Download:

Download PSD File


NOTE: This file is 11.2 MG so it could take some time to download.

Reminder: Please do not use this image for anything other than your own informative use. It remains under my full ownership and copyright. Thank you!

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