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Post Processing Technique No. 3

Sharpen the Detail

This post-processing technique demonstrates how to sharpen the details in an object while keeping the background soft and unsharpened. The final image is a bit TOO SHARP but I wanted to illustrate the contrast of the detail with the background and also show how fuzzy images can be dramatically improved.

Here are the comparisons:

Original Camera Raw File
Original File

Lightroom File

Final Processed File
Final Post Processed Image


I hope that the PSD File will give you some ideas and insights that you can use on your own photographs. Unfortunately due to time, I am unable to provide further instruction on this technique but you will find NOTES within the PSD file that will supply a bit more info.

How to explore PSD file:

1). Download the PSD File
2). Open it in Adobe Photoshop
3). Turn off all layers except for "Background"
4). Turn on each layer from bottom to top - click on the layer to see the tool used and it's specific attributes
5). See NOTES for specifics on a step; they will provide information as well as URL's to download other software or tutorials.

Here is the PSD File to Download:

Download PSD File


NOTE: This File is 10 MG so it could take some time to download.

Reminder: Please do not use this image for anything other than your own informative use. It remains under my full ownership and copyright. Thank you!

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