Daily Walks by Diane Varner

Pending Passage

Pending Passage

There is a piercing quietness that descends upon a room
when told of an imminent death, be it your own or someone you love.

A million whys come to mind, ironically the most pressing being...
Why did it have to rain that day of all days?!
Many more questions form with few answers
but such is life and death and the hours that follow.

I'm not writing about this to spread sadness, but to remind ourselves
that death is a companion that accompanies us from the minute we are born.
Every now and then, we need to acknowledge death's presence
with a nod and knowing so that when we meet face-to-face,
it won't be (quite) so damn uncomfortable.

This is for my friend's courage and all those
who learn, too early, of their pending passage.

— Diane


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